Sunday, 1 July 2007

David Beckham To Introduce Stars At Diana's Wembley Concert

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A sell-out crowd of 63,000 will attend the concert in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales tonight. The five-hour show will feature Diana’s favourites, including Tom Jones, Bryan Ferry and Duran Duran, plus William and Harry's favorites such as Kanye West, P Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Fergie (the Pea not the Duchess), and Joss Stone.

The climax tonight will be when David Beckham introduces Take That, and Sir Elton, who sang at Diana’s funeral who will close the concert.

David and Victoria will watch from their own box.

5 hours phew...long day. But a great day for more photographs of the couple. Can't wait. Check back later for pics.

Remember when he last introduced Robbie Williams at Live 8 in 2005?



brit said...

aww thanx fashion critic, i actually missed him intro robbie at live 8, o hes so sweet. really lookin forward to the diana gig il def look out for him. Also i herd robbies not going to play at the concert today?!

electra said...

robbie is in la so offcourse he won't attend.