Sunday, 15 July 2007

Victoria Beckham Hates Eddie Murphy

When Victoria is asked in her TV show who is her least favourite celebrity she instantly answers Eddie Murphy. Then adds, "Beverly Hills c***."

Her PA asks if she would spit in Eddie Murphy's food and Posh says: "I'd spit in his food definitely."

Then she adds: "I'd chop his dick off too." A Hollywood observer said "It's a declaration of war. It's about Posh becoming a controversial figure in the States who is brave enough to slag off other big names."

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America will air on ITV1 Tuesday at 9pm in the UK. Have a look at ITV's promo.

So excited...can't wait.



brit said...

hmm, shes right he is a .... but was that a good move to slag him off?

stephanie said...

OMG!!! This is news to me ears. I don't want her to start slagging off other people cause i hate when celebs do that. Though i must say she's entitled to slag off Eddie Murphy considering what he did to Mel B

stephanie said...

brit i'm with you on that one...i don't think it was right for her to slag him off...i mean, she's just going out of her way to pick a fight isn't she? it's not like he's offended her directly...except it's the GIRL POWER thing going on

brit said...

yea, i just think that even tho shes sticking up for her m8 {and he is a complete prick} that as soon as shes out there say it on tv, by all means say it but behind closed doors. but i know she was just sticking by her friend, so like u said girl power ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with her. I hate him. A LOT!