Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Perez Hilton and Victoria Beckham: When Divas Collide

Here is a very funny clip from You Tube from when Posh met Perez Hilton.


brit said...

o that was funny, the paris guy or watever did like a nerveous twitch when she said so what did u call me, thats why journalits bitch behind the comfort of their little type writers [i do know they dont actually use type writers anymore] coz they dont think theyl meet celebs face to face.

Fashion Critic said...

I totally agree. He is just a weasel. He is all big an touch on his computer but shy and bashful when he meets the force of Victoria Beckham

lilflowa said...

hehe i agree with the above...she reduced him and owned him!! he was trying to b all coy and innocent muahahaha