Friday, 27 July 2007

MORE Shopping At H Lorenzos

The Beckham - especially Victoria - sure do love shopping.

After Victoria's food shopping jaunt, she met up with David at West Hollywood Boutique H Lorenzos, were they did even more shopping.

Both looked a bit miserable, especially David who maybe bored of shopping already. He can't really do anything else since he can't train with his sore ankle. But if you go to any women store in the world, you are bound to find a bored man trailing his wife.

They both cheered up when they bumped into 'Hairspray' & Oscar nominated actress Queen Latifah.

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brit said...

o wicked, imagine just bumping in to her. hehe to daivd acting bored husband. i lv the fact d and v are just being normal how they used to b, like just popping in to tescos, its gr8. obviously part from the fact its not tescos its H Lorenzos.....

liv said...

and let's not forget "Oscar Nominee Queen Latifah"

AdminVoilalaMode said...

i love love her look in this pics!

Anonymous said...

They do look so miserable lol.
That really sucks for David not to be playing in the next game. Hope his ankle gets better!