Sunday, 22 July 2007

David Beckham Makes His Galaxy Debut

Beckham got off the bench in the 66th minute to warm up, exciting fans who had waited most of the game to see him. He jogged up and down the sidelines and a roar went up when Beckham tapped an out-of-bounds ball back to the referee, his first kick of the night.

He briefly ran off the field with the Galaxy's trainer before returning taking off his warmup shirt to reveal his preferred long-sleeved jersey, which he is used to wearing in the Spanish heat.

David Beckham took the field to make his debut on 78th minute at the Home Depot Center.

Despite his 12 minutes on the field, it was not enough to inspire LA Galaxy to victory as they lost by one goal which was scored by John Terry on the 49th minute.

There were cheers each time Beckham touched the ball, the highlight being a corner kick he took in stoppage time.

During the game David did appear to be in physical pain, but played on regardless, which continues to prove that he was under considerable pressure to perform in this game.

Victoria, wearing her trademark huge black sunglasses, along with actress Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri, watched from a private box above the field. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was like a lot of spectators, attending her first soccer game.

Eva Longoria, minus new hubby Tony Parker, comedian Drew Carey, NBA star Kevin Garnett, movie producer Brian Grazer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and English actors John Hurt and Ray Winstone also made what were likely their first trips to the home of the LA Galaxy.

Here is David about to make his debut.

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emma said...

Good game, I'm proud of the Galaxy. David didn't do anything really except take a corner kick, but he did get a good tackle in from new Chelsea boy Steve Sidwell.

stephanie said...

They had better win this game if not it's gonna be disaster. Is it just me or does Posh's hair look horrid?

stephanie said...

What a star studded game...even Tom Cruise's mum was there...and Posh's mum...Suri looked more interested in the game because Katie sure looked bored from that picture. What a shame J.Lo couldn't make it...i'm not liking Posh's new hair do at kinda looks like a wig don't it?

Anonymous said...

FC, some of your pictures aren't showing.

SCOTT E said...

I was at the game, and I just got home to watch it on TiVo and hear all the commentary and pregame documentary on ESPN. I followed the injury closely and watched every interview he did this week. I think its safe to conclude that although, there was pressure to play, I think David being the competitor that he is also put pressure on himself. I dont think its fair to keep bashing the Galaxy and MLS like they held him at gunpoint to play. He is taking the "challenge" very seriously, as he puts it. None of us want to see him hurt, and im sure he wont play for the next two weeks now that he has made the debut. But i just think everyone needs to stop making the MLS and Galaxy coaches look like some big bad wolf that forced him to play.

brit said...

aww bless him, i cant wait for his first proper game, and shes them what hes got. wow so many celebs

Fashion Critic said...

You are very lucky Scott to attend considering it was a sell out.

This was an exhibition match, or what we might refer to in the UK as a friendly meaning nothing is at stake.

Seeing as nothing was at stake, why did he play?

Was it because he was fit? NO
Was it because he was expected to play in front of a sell-out crowd who had paid to see him and if he did not play it may impact on future ticket sales? YES.

Please do not be fooled into thinking this is anything but about the money. The MLS, Galaxy, 19 Management and Adidas who pay part of his wages WANTED him to play NO DOUBT. They may not have forced him to play, but enough of the hype surrounding the situation would have made him feel obligated to play.

Had he been in Europe he would not have played in such a pointless game.

It was painful to watch as everytime he kicked the ball or got kicked my heart sank hoping this was not the blow that was going to ruin his career.

SCOTT E said...

I agree he wouldnt have played if it was just a friendly in Europe but like he said himself in the postgame presser HE WANTED to play and HE put alot of emphasis on his game last night.

I do agree he now has made the appearence everyone wanted, and he needs to sit out now til he is completely healed. The only point i was trying to make was that him playing against CFC was a decision he was very much a part of. He helped create the hype and he said he knew that the ankle would be swollen. If he was content with going in, then thats a good enough reason for me.

When the guy from CFC tripped him the stadium went quiet, but to see Becks go take that corner in stoppage time gave me chills.

Lets let him rest now tho, I dont care who is on a guest list for the next 2 weeks, let him get healthy!!

Fashion Critic said...

I agree as rest is very much need.