Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Blurring The Beckham Babies

I was asked today why I blur the Beckham's kids faces. In answer to that and so you all know, it is out of respect for the Beckham's and also I could have a legal case on my hands.

If you watch any interviews they both talk about protecting the kids privacy and that is what most Victoria Beckham fan sites do. The kids did not wish to be famous.

Even national newspapers like The Sun and the Mirror blur their faces.

I believe the only acceptable time was when David won La Liga and the kids were on brought onto the field.


emma said...

That's good of you. We know the reason that the kids were not on her show is for their protection and so they can live a 'normal' life. If Victoria worked on this site she would do the same thing. Even though her kids are so cute! :)

thinista said...

I don't blur their faces. If the Beckhams did not want their kids to be photographed, they wouldn't bring them to where they know the paps will be. The recent'soccer mom' candids or the Disneyland candids are a case in point, as are many many examples in the past. Their people tip off the paps as to where they'll be. It's a necessary part of the job

Anonymous said...

More sites should think like you. Some sites go too far. It's not fair on the kids.

brit said...

yea thats nice, like u said they didnt ask to be famous and theyre only children. i dont see y u should have a legal case on your hands, popsugar, just jared loads of sites use their faces so i dont think url have a problem, i hope it works out for u tho!