Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Inside Party Pics

Here are some great pictures inside the Beckham's party and the details are as follows.

Stevie Wonder serenaded the Beckham’s with a private 15-minute set at their gala, and Victoria was heard saying to Katie Holmes: "This is amazing! I can’t believe Stevie Wonder is singing!" After Wonder wrapped up, Will Smith performed an impromptu rap session, splitting the dance floor into two sections. He then went back and forth to both sides to see who was having more fun, demanding that each side scream louder, then he did the splits! "The look on Tom’s face was priceless!" the witness said.

Guests dined on food from gourmet L.A.-based Patina Group. They chose from a giant tower of chocolate cupcakes hamburgers, fries, chicken wings, pizza, mashed potatoes and salad. Celeb DJ Samantha Ronson played tunes, including "Rehab" from Amy Winehouse, John Mellencamp’s "Jack and Diane", and the Spice Girls classic "Wannabe". But one guest claimed: "Posh got really shy and did not sing along."

There was even a shout out from the DJ booth, "Let’s hear it for Scientology!" Cruise, Holmes and the Beckham’s called it a night at 1.40am.

Sounds like a great party.

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stephanie said...

Yummmm! Why on earth wasn't i invited eh?

Anonymous said...

Seeing as the sun is not a reliable source I doubt that dj thing is even true the papers really desperately need something to write about but anyways... nice pics from inside .

Fashion Critic said...


The pictures are from the sun the information is from Splash.

emma said...

awww. How cute are David and Victoria dancing??? They look madly in love with eachother. :)

brit said...

aww the picture of victoria and daivd so gorgeous. lol tom dancing, i so wish i had been invited. i adore will smith, hed b the best person to have a ur party

nisha said...

omg i was just watching this video of the victoria and david when i saw this pic of them with stevie wonder so i wanted to know when this was and i tried to look for it on google but not much help so i searched it on here andi found this i did not even see this post when it came i can't believe it, i can't remember this happening . i was looking for these pics for ages and could not find them. this party must have been one hell of a party it would have been nearly my ideal party. tom cruise and will smith are among my favourite actors and i am a great fan of stevie wonder's music , love samanatha ronson great dj , jade panket smith + katie holmes great ladies and the beckhams what more could you want . i would have loved to see all the performances and the details make the party sound better than my imagination. it such a quincidence that will and jade and victoria are dressed so similar to each other with the colours and lengths of the girl's dresses. katie and tom look so funny dancing like that but they all look like they are having so much fun wonder what song they were dancing to. i know its a bit late to be commenting but i just felt like it and this is one place where i feel i can express my feeliings about them so thank you for doing this blog.thanks for posting.