Friday, 22 December 2006

Are Posh's Boobs Bigger?

Just when I thought there was no more Posh news for this year I found this.

Guess who got new boobs as an early Christmas present???

Or perhaps she’s giving hubby David TWO special Christmas presents this year...

Monday, 11 December 2006

Posh To Sue Rock Republic

Victoria Beckham is claiming she is owed millions of dollars for loss of earnings from her Rock & Republic denim line. Posh claims her jeans were much more profitable than the fashion firm has let on and she wants her fair cut.

The Sunday Mirror reports:
"With the company based in the US, this is likely to be a long-running and complex legal battle if no agreement can be reached."

However, Michael Ball, Rock & Republic’s owner said last night that the company has heard nothing about any legal action. The owners—always the last to know!

Recently, Posh announced she would be splitting with the fashion company in order to design her own line under the label DVB.

The line is set to launch early next year, so mark your calendars. I am sure it will be fantastic

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Who Wore It Better?

Who wore it better Posh or Milla Jovovich?

Oh so Cute Posh

Here are some cute pictures from Posh's website

She is so cute when she is natural and being herself...don't you agree?

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Posh Slighty Over Dressed To Shop In Kitson Again

This is the second time Posh has been over dressed just to shop at Kitson which is traditionally a T-Shirt and jeans store. The first time (below) I could forgive but the school teacher look above is unforgiveable for just collecting a few Tee's. Meeting, or visiting your Grandmother, Yes...Kitson...No.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Posh House Hunting in LA....What Does This Mean?

Here is Posh out and about in LA viewing several properties, including one just down the road from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
David is still in bitter contract talks with Real Madrid, and with Posh in LA looking at homes it looks like a move to LA would now not be out of the question. This would be perfect for Victoria as she would love to hang out with her new Hollywood pals.

Here she is in a very sexy yet elegant figure-hugging dress and peep-toe Christian Louboutin heels. (which I would kill for.