Thursday, 31 January 2008

Has David Beckham Returned To The US?

The Daily Mail is reporting that David Beckham has pull out of his scheduled charity arrangement this evening to return to the US.

If true, David has left his fans and the charity disappointed. Reports say he pulled out last minute - with no explanation - as he headed back to the US to be with Victoria.

This act of flying off to be with his wife is similar to when he was sent off against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup in France. The Spice Girls were touring America and when England went out he was blamed so he flew to meet Victoria. When he faces disappointment, he only wants to be with his loving wife. ♥

David was set to replace Thierry Henry at the "Liv" charity event when the Barcelona player could no longer attend after Barcelona's Copa del Rey match has been moved to tonight.

Like I said, I am not sure if this is true, but looking at the pictures from the picture agencies of this event, David is not in any of them.

Maybe he is just avoiding the press, maybe the story is true, who knows right now.

Spokesman for the event Shervin Behzad said: "David was definitely expected to attend this evening.

"But we just got a phonecall to say he was on a plane back to America and we were left without any explanation."

This seem conclusive, but you can not trust the British press. I will check reports again in the morning.

I would not blame him is he just left. He must be crushed for not being included in the squad, especially after all the effort he has put in over the last few months to keep himself fit.

Again Capello is an A**hole.


David Beckham Is NOT Included In Capello's First England Squad

I am so gutted for David.

This might have been David's last chance to reach 100 caps and Fabio Capello has denied him.

I will not be going to this game.

Capello dropped Beckham because of doubts over his match fitness.

Capello said: "The reason that David is not in the squad is because he has not had any real match practice since playing in November".

"When I spoke with David on the phone yesterday I advised him that he is still part of my plans and once he is playing regularly in America we will look closely at him again."



Two More Chances To Meet Victoria Beckham

Victoria will be doing more in-store signings in various department stores in the US to promote her 'dVb by Victoria Beckham' range.

You can meet her on:
15 February between 12pm-1pm
Saks Fifth Avenue, Chicago. For more details click here.

26 February (time tbc, but around lunchtime)
Holt Renfrew, (Bloor Street store) Toronto, Canada.


Another Tattoo For Victoria Beckham?

The tattoo saga continues.

It looks like Victoria many have had another tattoo, this time on her back.

This picture is from the Spice Girls Boston concert last night.

You can clearly see a bandage on her back, maybe covering the new inking.

I hope if it is a tattoo that it is not too big, as that bandage sure looks big.

Many thanks to Electra for sending me the picture.

The Explanation Behind David Beckham's New Tattoo

David Beckham showed off his new six-inch tattoo the other day and it all got us wondering;

a. why another tattoo and;
b. what does the tattoo mean?

Well I can reveal that is actually a picture of Victoria on his arm which is wrapped around an existing Hindi inscription of wife's name.

As you can see from the close up, the image is a copy of his favourite photo of his wife - a Brigitte Bardot-inspired shot - she did for Pop magazine four years ago.

The £2,500 image is Beckham's 11th tattoo by his personal tattooist Lou Malloy.

Mystery solved. Now I just have to find out what Victoria's tattoo means.


The Spice Girls Accused Of Lip-Syncing

You are going to read it somewhere else, so I might as well post it here.

Last night at the Boston gig, the audio at the Spice Girl concert cut out.

As a result people are now saying that the concert is not live and that the girls are lip-syncing. Perez Hilton mentions the incident on his site also.

According to the comments on You Tube the confetti broke the sound machine.

One said "I was sitting in the front row... they looked so confused. I think a fuse was cut when the confetti exploded.. the speakers went out. Oh well.. they did amazing. It came back right at the end when they finished with "HI C YA HOLD TIGHT".

I was close enough to tell that they were not lip-syncing, so I will put this down to a technical fault.

Did anyone go last night?

ps the guy on the you tube tape is sooooo annoying.

Victoria Beckham's Cryptic Tattoo

I have found what Victoria Beckham's new tattoo says "De Enegra", but not what it means.

Does anyone know what it means?


David Beckham To Replace Thierry Henry At A Charity Event In London

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David Beckham will replace Thierry Henry at the cystic fibrosis charity dinner at The Dorchester in London on 31st January.

Henry had to pull out of the charity event due to a change in the Spanish league's fixtures which means he will now have to play this today.

He asked David to host the event in his absence and David said yes.

Henry was quoted as saying:

"As soon as I found out I couldn’t be there I contacted David and he was only too happy to fill my shoes. That’s the sort of guy he is."

For details of the event click here.


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Beckhams Take Over Toyko

David and Victoria Beckham have in two separate ad campaigns occupying two of Tokyo's prominent skyscrapers.

Victoria in her Samantha Thavasa ad appears to gazing wantonly across toward her husband in his Emporio Armani briefs.


Victoria Beckham Meets Her Fans At Saks Fifth Avenue In Boston

Victoria Beckham sported all black and wore her stylish Gucci black gloves when she greeted her fans at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston today, to promote her DVB collection.

I love what she is wearing, but I wish she had opted for colour. She looked so amazing at the New York signing in white and silver, this outfit is more sombre.

Victoria would have loved the fan in the picture above who is crying. In one of her funny video's (VB in Japan 07 - Make up time) on her dvbstyle website she said:

"It was amazing at the airport - there were lots of lovely Japanese people there to greet us. There were tears. I always like that, I think that it shows you are a true fan when you cry or when you pass out. When the paramedics are called I think that is a good sign, it shows real determination as a fan."

Hopefully no paramedics were needed today.

After the signing Victoria will no doubt take a break before the Spice Girls play the Fleet Center tonight in Boston before heading out to Canada.

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David Beckham Returns To London And Updates His Blog

Hi everyone,

I have just returned from Brazil where over the weekend I unveiled the plans for a brand new sports complex and Academy. It’s an incredible project of which I am very proud, catering for professional athletes as well as Brazilian children via a scholarship programme, which will include local schools just like my Academies in London and Los Angeles. And like them, my Brazilian Academy will be open to people whatever their ability.

It’s going to be an amazing complex, with state of the art facilities, and I’m very happy that it will be built in the beautiful country of Brazil, where, as I’m sure you know, some of the greatest footballers of all time were born.

Back in the UK, I’ve also been keeping to my training schedule at Arsenal’s London Colney ground. I feel fit and sharp and that is due to hard work and also thanks to training with one of the fittest squads in Europe.

Take care


David Beckham's New Tattoo. Do You Like It Or Loathe It?

David Beckham showed off his 11th tattoo yesterday, but I want to know what you guys think about it.

Let's pray it never gets to this stage.


Becks On The Beach

Yesterday I showed you a video of David Beckham showing off his ball skills (topless) on a beach in Brazil. If you could not view that video try this one from CNN.

You may have noticed that there was a photographer capturing the moment.

Well here it is.

Damn it is so hot in Brazil, but I am not loving the new tattoo. Soon both his arms will be covered.


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

David Beckham At The Opening Ceremony Of 'David Beckham World of Sport'

Here is David Beckham making a speech during the opening ceremony of the first "David Beckham World of Sport".

He looks very dapper in his 4th outfit of the day.

First his cool Marc Jacobs t-shirt with sexy naked wife on the front, then his Abercrombie and Fitch shorts whilst showing off his ball skills on the beach, then the black suit he wore for this Sky News interview and now this grey suit for the opening ceremony.

Becks does not travel light.

David Beckham told BBC Sport that he is fit and ready to play for England next week despite having no competitive action since November.

New coach Fabio Capello will name his first squad on Saturday for next Wednesday's friendly against Switzerland and Beckham hopes to have the chance to win his 100th cap.

"I'm as fit as I can be. I'm fit and sharp and I'm ready to be selected," he told the BBC.

"I have been training with one of the fittest teams in Europe, I've done everything possible to be fit and I am without doubt ready for it, but it's out of my hands now," he said.

Newspapers have speculated this week that Capello, who left Beckham out of the Real Madrid while he was in charge of the Spanish club, might not pick the midfielder.

He would be a damn fool not to. But as I have said before the would be a very brave man not to pick David and deny him of his 100 cap.

It looks like David was struggling with the a little bit.

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