Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Part 4 Of Victoria Beckham's Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Advertising Campaign

This is Victoria Beckham's fourth ad for Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 campaign.

Sadly it is lacking much of the personality and humour of the other ads, in my opinion.

Plus we have seen her in this outfit at the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show.

Thanks for the photo Lima.



Anonymous said...

What's that on her head?

electra said...

The photoshoot was done before VS Fashion Show though. Does Marc think women will actually wear this outfit?

I'm not really keen on those shots so far, they all seem unairbrused, it's like they were stolen and released to the internet. I hope they are retouched for the magazine ads, because Victoria's skin and the dress does not look good.

Rock Star said...

Its not BAD .. I think Its FiNE ..

I hope the other pics are better.

holy said...

her hair looks amazing, the dress is horrible