Thursday, 31 January 2008

David Beckham Is NOT Included In Capello's First England Squad

I am so gutted for David.

This might have been David's last chance to reach 100 caps and Fabio Capello has denied him.

I will not be going to this game.

Capello dropped Beckham because of doubts over his match fitness.

Capello said: "The reason that David is not in the squad is because he has not had any real match practice since playing in November".

"When I spoke with David on the phone yesterday I advised him that he is still part of my plans and once he is playing regularly in America we will look closely at him again."




Janie said...


electra said...

What an idiot.
He didn't train? Yeah, that's why all the press in the world published he practices with Arsenal team.

And so what if he didn't play any matches? It's not like he forgot to play football. LMAO. I hope England loses.

Anonymous said...

Capello played it, didn't he? It's only a friendly match! He should have AT LEAST given David his 100 caps and been done with it will dog him, the team, and Becks most of all.

Fashion Critic said...

me too electra

Lucy Luv said...

omg i feel horrible for him! He deserves his 100 caps. That bastard Capello. I hope he comes to regret this decision and England loses. Poor David=(

brit said...

i new that would happen, im hating the new manager all ready what a complete pric!

Anonymous said...

we'll see... capello will take him in the team at the end, like he did in real madrid... if not, he's not learn from his mistake... completely moron...