Thursday, 31 January 2008

Two More Chances To Meet Victoria Beckham

Victoria will be doing more in-store signings in various department stores in the US to promote her 'dVb by Victoria Beckham' range.

You can meet her on:
15 February between 12pm-1pm
Saks Fifth Avenue, Chicago. For more details click here.

26 February (time tbc, but around lunchtime)
Holt Renfrew, (Bloor Street store) Toronto, Canada.



electra said...

That's cool. I wonder if she (or the SG) will appear on Oprah while they're in Chicago. That would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

Loser of a woman, get your skinny butt over here in Dallas, Texas!! She could appear here at the Neiman Marcus, we're not all a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls..

jdg6385 said...

You hide behind the name of anonymous and your calling her a loser?

chloe said...

she needs to come to san jose, CA! i swear i would like pass out or something if i could actually meet her instead of just seeing her at the concert.

queen sheba said...

Omg I live in Toronto...I can so go see her but I need to know what time she will be there:|