Thursday, 17 January 2008

More Backstage Photos From The Spice Girls

These two are too hot and I love it.

Source: Hello Magazine


lima said...

very cute

Rock*Star said...


Vic Looks GORGEOUS :**

Thank you for puting them :D

Eva said...

thanks, Victoria and David are so cute, love them

Anonymous said...

David and Victoria are so cute. They can't not touch each other after all these years. So romantic!! ehe... And I love Victoria's smile. ehe

Anonymous said...

Well David did touch Rebecca Loos too, after two kids with Posh! The guy is on lockdown eversince the tour started, it's bit much after 30 shows! Aren't the kids bored by now? But I'll be starstruck if he does come at the Montreal gig!

faffy said...

uhh bbperfume..
i doubt that david cheated on his wife i mean..just look at him..
he's that buffoon type of guy that will ruin their marriage and their kids' lives..he loves victoria and his sons so much..:)