Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Spice Girls On Good Morning America Today

The Spice Girls will be on Good Morning America today, Thursday 24 January.

There may still be time for you to "Ask the Spice Girls A Question". Click here.

I will try to get the video up from You Tube tomorrow.

Good Morning America is on ABC from 7am - 9am.

Thanks to Posh2.0 for the heads up.


AmyTillery said...

I just watch Emma doing a Prego Sauce commercial. I'm in the US. She was cute!

electra said...

They didn't anwser any fan questions. Boring interview, as expected. They lost the "spice".

Fashion Critic said...

I would not be surprised if it was boring as they always stick to the script and Geri ALWAYS talks over everyone.

electra said...

FC you have the video on, don't know if you can rip it and post it here.

And surprise surprise "MOMMY WAS A POPSTAR" is BACK. lol

Fashion Critic said...

I could not find it on that site and I don't know how to rip it as you say.