Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Victoria Beckham Named Worst Dressed Celebrity In 2007

In Mr. Blackwell annual "Worst Dressed Celebrity In 2007 List" Victoria Beckham was named the worst today.

What is Mr. Blackwell, blind?

The fact that she was above singer Amy Winehouse at number 2 is an absolute disgrace.

Mary Kate Olsen was third. Fergie was fourth, followed by Kelly Clarkson, Eva Green, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, and Lindsay Lohan.

He said that Victoria "Wears one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty Posh can really wreck 'em."

Victoria once said while wearing that Chanel/Cavalli outfit to the Glamour Awards "All I care about is that Karl Lagerfeld said I’m cool — and he’s the man."

And that is all that should matter.

We love you girl.

This Christopher Kane dress is the only dress I actually hated on Vicky B last year.

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lilflowa said...

exactly who is this mr blackwell??

From People.coms Fashionista of the year to Mr. Blackwells worst dressed of the year?..hmm only a true fashion icon can create such a contrast :D

Fashion Critic said...

Well said girl

emma said...

wow, this Mr Blackwell has no class. He probably just trying to gain some attention by saying so because he knows he'll get a reaction from people. I actually really like this Christopher Kane dress on her. The one dress I did hate was the green christmas tree-ish dress she wore once.

Anonymous said...

She don't has to care about Mr. Blackwell. He is just one more hater.
And Mr. Blackwell what about Ms. Britney Spears?


brit said...

yea i cant really say any better than that lilflowa part from the fact that why is britney spears not on there?! he sounds like some old has been who hasn't really got a clue and just picked a bunch of bad dressers and stuck victoria in there. will peoples grudges against her ever end. o wel i wounder who gets the biggest income and has the last laugh???

Ljn.- said...


this is so ridiculous it's actually funny!


jdg6385 said...

It's as I read mr. blackwell said if it were not for britney's personal life she would have been number 1.

Posh 2.0 said...

I can really do w/o the pink line down this red dress, other than that I liked it.

There were other looks that I actually didn't like on Vicky B. But none to put her on this list. Boo.

Anonymous said...

I remember When the Spice Girls were interviewed on Oprah, she mentioned that the girls were listed the worst dressed or something. And Mel C said 'I'd like to see how he dressed?' LOL

and quoting from Mel C, I'd like to see how he dressed. He must be blind or plain bias because maybe he doesn't like Victoria or something... :P

Anonymous said...

how does victoria rank peoples best dressed, and half of vanity fair best dressed couple if she is the worst dressed celebrity? i dont understand who mr. blackwell is.

Girls Aloud Fan said...

Posh worst dressed??I dont think so!!and why is Paris Hilton & Britney & Mariah Carey not there????

Anonymous said...

um she is most definitely not the worst dressed celebrity she is far from it! this guy must have been smokin some serious crack while he was writing this?! or he's just blind! dude needs to get his eyes checked out like asap! She is totally one of the best dressed people like ever! yea sometimes she wears some interesting clothing but she pulls them off! anyways yea Amy Whinehouse really should have been no.1 or Britney Spears how come she's not on the list? well anyways Victoria is still the best!!! I seriously Love her!!!!

Pabbs said...

This man is blind and crazy

she's the fashion

Fashion Critic said...

Agreed Britney should have been Number 1

Janie said...

I have only one thing to say. Who the fuck is this Blackwell bloke anyway? I've never heard of him! His opinion means nothing to me. He's just trying to make his name on the back of the Beckhams as usual. Get in line mate the queue goes on forever!

Janie said...

As I had never heard of this Blackwell bloke and so I do not give a fat shit for his opinion of our girls fashion sense! Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

I'm a mid 40 year old and Victoria is the hottest most sexiest woman alive.

Blackwell list started around in the 60s or something. Well dude, you, your fashon insight never made it to twentyfirst century.

VB's fashon, cannot say enough, she puts 'class' in the often misguided X and Y Generation of fashon.

Luv u Posh... call me :-)