Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Spice Girls May Not Tour Australia After All

It has been reported in an Australia that the Spice Girls may not be touring there after all.

A journalist there says:

"Let’s face it, scheduling a massive one-off concert like this in a country so far away was never going to happen, unless they tour the whole country, the Spice Girls won’t be stopping off in Australia."

The journalist suggested the original false announcement was a clever tactic to increase album sales before Christmas.

With the cancellation of the original date, and the fact they continue to book new dates in Europe and America, could this really be the case?

Thanks to Lima who sent me these backstage pictures of the Spice Girls.

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posh lover said...

Hi FC,
here's a video of the Spice Girls interviewed by Suzy Menkes

Lynne said...

It's just a tabloid style report with absolutely no official foundation. 2 weeks ago all Australian fans who registered for tickets received an email asking them how many tickets they want, this was WEEKS after the Greatest Hits was released, so it's hardly a ploy to get people to buy the album. When there is NO news, people MAKE THINGS UP.

Janie said...

Geri's frock is just so very beautiful! She is leaving the others very much in the shade.

Bk said...

mel b is high on somethng and emma ???? i dont know...hilarious..

Fashion Critic said...

thanks for clearing that up lynne

Anonymous said...

me and one of my mates signed up for sydney show and we never receieved an email from them 2 weeks ago!!!!!???!?!?

also den den forums don't say anything bout this...what r u talking about lynne?

queen sheba said...

oh my god this is a gorgeous pic....love victoria and geri's dress