Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Victoria Beckham Attends The RM by Roland Mouret Spring 2008 Fashion Show In Paris

Victoria Beckham was joined by fellow fashionistas Claudia Schiffer and Dita Von Teese (her NBF) at the Roland Mouret Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2008 collection in Paris today.

She looks amazing wearing a RM by Roland Mouret grey tweed dress, standard large glasses and a sexy nude lips.

I LOVE the lips. Girlfriend is always bringing us something new.

No doubt, Victoria will be ordering the whole collection.

After the show came to its end Victoria Beckham picked out the Kleber cocktail dress in primrose yellow double crepe, with an origami-pleated neckline and full-length zip at the back, as her favorite.

"But it’s hard to pick," Posh told press, adding, "because really I think I want them all."

Take is all honey, you can afford it.

There were two yellow dresses in the show, so it could be either one of these, both beautiful.

Oh yes....I ♥ her new bag.

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lima said...

oh look at Dita's legs next to victoria's
i love the bag and the colour!

lima said...

fc the sun is saying that he took the children to Africa
i think that is realy good for the kids

scilla said...

I think it's the one on the left, since the kneckline looks more origami than the other. Its a gorgeous dress.

Not liking Vic's jacket with the whole look, makes it look busy, especially with the bag (which I think is the 1st time we've seen her carry it)

electra said...

I never realized Claudia was THAT tall, she must be way over 1.80 and in those heels and high hair she's like 1.90.

Thank God Victoria wore a decent outfit, i was starting to worry as 2008. didn't really start with "wow" outfits, but she looks amazing.

Dita looks great aswell, i'm not really liking Claudia's outfit, but she looks great.

Superqueen said...

Her Birkin bag is to die for, but I also love how she's wearing that gorgeous fur!

Lanii said...

I think it would be the dress on the left - more tailored with more of a pencil skirt. It definitely says POSH. Dita is way too fair for anyone's good. Blinding! Good for her being so bold with that lip though!

Ellen said...

Is Victoria wearing real fur?

Janie said...

I absolutly adore Dita Von Teese. I love VB but see her more like "one of us girls" To me Dita is like a beautifull angel/doll like creature one could only hope to emulate. V's beauty is more achievable. That is NOT a diss by the way. Love Victoria as she is so normal and British and down to earth.But Dita .....( Just sighs )and no I am not gay for girls, before you ask. Simply an admire of both of them.