Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Explanation Behind David Beckham's New Tattoo

David Beckham showed off his new six-inch tattoo the other day and it all got us wondering;

a. why another tattoo and;
b. what does the tattoo mean?

Well I can reveal that is actually a picture of Victoria on his arm which is wrapped around an existing Hindi inscription of wife's name.

As you can see from the close up, the image is a copy of his favourite photo of his wife - a Brigitte Bardot-inspired shot - she did for Pop magazine four years ago.

The £2,500 image is Beckham's 11th tattoo by his personal tattooist Lou Malloy.

Mystery solved. Now I just have to find out what Victoria's tattoo means.



peach said...

That picture is from my favorite photoshoot of her. She looks gorgeous and classic in those shots.

enchantress said...

now he's forgiven... hahaa ...knowing that its a pic of victoria, the tattoo doesnt seem so bad now. nice that he's so devoted!

Ljn.- said...


in the tattoo version, her legs
are in a different position...


BabyBell said...

i love him!!! omg could they get any cuter? she is SOOO lucky!

jdg6385 said...

Wow that's a beautiful picture! Btw on Victoria's Secret's 2008 "What Is Sexy?" list posh was named world's sexiest mother based on her style and charisma.

Katie said...

wow she is the luckiest girl in the world! he seems to be the most devoted and amazing husband and dad too! They are the most amazing couple ever! they seem to truly have this deep love for one another its amazing!

queen sheba said...

wow ...thats really interesting
they're all for each other...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

lani said...

david must have really loved that picture of victoria to get it tattooed on his arm!

But who can blame him, she looks so hot in it!!