Sunday, 13 January 2008

Male Fan Throws His Pants On The Stage At The Spice Girl Concert

I just found this picture on the internet and it reminded me of a funny part of the Spice Girl concert I forgot to tell you about.

A guy threw his pants on stage and Victoria Beckham (surprisingly) picked them up.

She held it up with the tips of her fingers then one of the other girls, Mel B I think, playfully pushed it into her face.

She said she would give them to David as it might be his size, but if not then she'll use it to tie her hair up when cleaning the bathroom and that it is good to recycle.

She then gave the pants to one of the stewards and asked them to leave them in her dressing room.

So funny.

Speaking of David, Emporio Armani are showing at Men's Fashion Week in Milan today. Hopefully David will attend.



electra said...


I hope David attends the show and then joins the SG tomorrow at Roberto Cavalli show.
I simply can't wait to see them, hopefully they'll be in the mood for posing to all the photographers.

JohnyStarr said...

wow - just found your blog, and LOVING it!!

Keep up the good work, you have a new fan.


Anonymous said...

OMG this story is great and Victoria is funny as usual.

Do someone know if Fabio Capello already met David? Can't wait to see who Capello will pick for his squad and I hope David will get more than 100 caps.


Fashion Critic said...

Hey, JohnyStarr

Welcome and thanks

Anonymous said...

omg she is hilarious!!! I really wanna see a video of this!

chloee said...

i love your blog! i check it everyday. :)

do you know anywhere online where i could watch COMING TO AMERICA? cause i never got a chance to see it.

Fashion Critic said...


you can watch it here

peach said...

ha ha that girl can think on her feet. :)

kinhaa said...

She's so funny...I love your blog too, i check everything here, it's hard to check something in their websites :D