Wednesday, 9 January 2008

VBTV In Japan

Another hilarious video has been uploaded to VBTV.

She talks about how erect nipples is illegal in Japan, so she heats up her bad boys, then asks if we like her jeans.

This woman deserves her own chat show.



Yvonne said...

Hi Fashion Critic,

I just want to wish you a very nice evening at the concert, have much fun!!! Can't wait to read your report and see your pictures.

enchantress said...

check this out:

some crazy fortune-telling/prediction about the beckhams spliting up...was a total shock for me so i thought you might wanna see it. sounds like an impossibility though...and really stupid too.
but scary :(

Fashion Critic said...

Enchantress every year I read a prediction that the Beckhams are splitting up.

Bull crap is what I say.

Fashion Critic said...

Thanks Yvonne,

I am going tomorrow and I am so excited