Thursday, 24 January 2008

Screen Caps Of The Spice Girls On Good Morning America

As I said in an earlier post, the Spice Girls were on Good Morning America today to promote their tour.

They were broadcast live from Manchester, were they have one more gig after tonight's show before jetting off to the US and Canada to complete their tour. This interview may have been to secure a few ticket sales for those shows yet to sell out.

There are not any video's of the interview You tube yet, but the minute I find one I will post it.

Victoria appears to be taking center stage, which will no doubt annoy Geri Halliwell.

She is wearing a black version of the RM by Roland Mouret Moon dress she wore to David introduction to LA Galaxy and looks sensational, even sitting down.

In my opinion - even with these not so clear pictures - I can tell that the rest of them are so poorly dressed.

Do they not have a stylist on this tour?

Mel B is wearing a pink outfit with red Louboutins. *shudders*

Geri looks about 50 in that dress.

Meh! to the other 2.

Victoria, help your girls out.

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Janie said...

No V don't help em out let them flounder in the stylist free mire! Shine V Baby, as the fashion istah you are. Shine! (collapses in fits of giggles) Oh dear time for bed! Janie, too many pinots. Real life awaits you. Nighty night F.C.

Janie said...

D'ya know what i kept noticing though everytime one of them made a point of saying how they all had kids , on and on about their kids, how sad Mel C looked. Awwww my heart went out to her . Now I don't know if she wants children or if she's tried to have them or even maybe lost a baby, but her face when the others talk about the kids, looking so deflated . Maybe its my imagination.( Maybe shes thinking shut up about your bloody kids you boring lot) What d'you think? And yeh Shut up Geri for five seconds and let Victoria get a word in edgeways!

jdg6385 said...

Thankfully my sister got the interview on tape for me while I was away.

electra said...

Well Melanie C has openly spoken that she wants to be a mother one day, but not just now.
Offcourse she feels a bit left out when the others are talking about kids, because she has nothing to say about that.
I'm sure if they ask the question about their solo careers and their success as solo artists, Melanie would be the loudest as she did an impressive solo career with 4 successfull solo albums, lots of hits and lots of touring.