Friday, 22 December 2006

Are Posh's Boobs Bigger?

Just when I thought there was no more Posh news for this year I found this.

Guess who got new boobs as an early Christmas present???

Or perhaps she’s giving hubby David TWO special Christmas presents this year...

Monday, 11 December 2006

Posh To Sue Rock Republic

Victoria Beckham is claiming she is owed millions of dollars for loss of earnings from her Rock & Republic denim line. Posh claims her jeans were much more profitable than the fashion firm has let on and she wants her fair cut.

The Sunday Mirror reports:
"With the company based in the US, this is likely to be a long-running and complex legal battle if no agreement can be reached."

However, Michael Ball, Rock & Republic’s owner said last night that the company has heard nothing about any legal action. The owners—always the last to know!

Recently, Posh announced she would be splitting with the fashion company in order to design her own line under the label DVB.

The line is set to launch early next year, so mark your calendars. I am sure it will be fantastic

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Who Wore It Better?

Who wore it better Posh or Milla Jovovich?

Oh so Cute Posh

Here are some cute pictures from Posh's website

She is so cute when she is natural and being herself...don't you agree?

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Posh Slighty Over Dressed To Shop In Kitson Again

This is the second time Posh has been over dressed just to shop at Kitson which is traditionally a T-Shirt and jeans store. The first time (below) I could forgive but the school teacher look above is unforgiveable for just collecting a few Tee's. Meeting, or visiting your Grandmother, Yes...Kitson...No.

Monday, 4 December 2006

Posh House Hunting in LA....What Does This Mean?

Here is Posh out and about in LA viewing several properties, including one just down the road from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
David is still in bitter contract talks with Real Madrid, and with Posh in LA looking at homes it looks like a move to LA would now not be out of the question. This would be perfect for Victoria as she would love to hang out with her new Hollywood pals.

Here she is in a very sexy yet elegant figure-hugging dress and peep-toe Christian Louboutin heels. (which I would kill for.

Thursday, 30 November 2006

What the.......?

I can not believe it....what happened to Posh....? This dress is HIDEOUS.

She is usually fawless....this is like a knife through my heart. Nothing is good here...the pose, the pout, dress, the see through parts of the dress...all WRONG

Roberto Cavalli has a LOT to answer for.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

The Beckhams in Rome

The Beckhams have landed in Rome ahead of Tom and Katie's wedding.

Yes he is wearing a cardigan but he is still so HOT

Here is Posh & David at TomKat's Party. Posh is wearing a very daring Valentino tutu.

Be still my aching loins.....drool

David Beckham gets Punk'd

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Posh Tries To Out-Shine The Bride

Victoria almost stole the spotlight from the bride, turning up in a black dress and dramatic wide-brimmed hat.

I would hate to have been sitting behind her at the ceremony.

Friday, 3 November 2006

The Beckhams sexy photo shoot

This is a sexy photo shoot which the Beckhams did in 2002 for Italian Vogue....aren't they just so hot together???

God...don't they make you sick ??? rubbing their hotness and happiness in our faces.

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Why the Pob Cut?

Well apart from it being David's idea she decided to go short after her extensions kept falling out during sex.

In an interview with Fiona Philip's on GMTV," she said, "I was in the heat of passion and my hair extensions would come out - it was so embarrassing."

She also went on to say "I absolutely idolize him (David), I would do anything for him, I'm lucky to have him. He's a wonderful husband and he is great with the kids. He is obviously very handsome and genuinely a really wonderful person."

Yes I am trying not to be jealous of their love.

Lady Beckham???

During Victoria's promotion of her book That Extra Half An Inch she popped into Radio 1 for an interview with Jo Whiley. Posh said:

"I'd love to be Lady Beckham, it would be fabulous! It's just so camp! I know a lot of the things in the news aren't true, but that's something I looked at and thought, 'I hope that's true!'"

She also went on to say that she gets up early every morning to do her three children's outstanding homework. She said: "I get up really early, about 7am, so I can get breakfast ready for the kids, and so I can do the last little bits of the kids' homework

Good news and bad news

I am afraid....I went on holiday to Marrakech this weekend and totally forgot that my beloved Posh was signing her book in Selfridges on Monday, but the good news is I am now 3 shades darker as it was 86 everyday and totally chilled out (man I really needed that holiday).

Posh was looking as gorgeous as ever on Monday.

But to be honest there were 3,000 people at the book signing some had been queuing for 12 hours...I did not stand a chance.

Sunday, 29 October 2006

Friday, 20 October 2006

Posh to make her own Jeans

Story from Sunday's Mirror below:

Victoria Beckham has split with trendy designers Rock and Republic - to go it alone with her own jeans firm.

The Californian-based firm signed a £250,000 deal with Posh in September 2004 but will no longer produce the former Spice Girl's VB range.

Instead Victoria, 32, will launch her own range of jeans under her and 31-year-old husband David's VDB label - the new cornerstone of Brand Beckham - early next year.

Last night a fashion source said: "Rock and Republic gave Victoria her big break in the fashion business. They also provided the financial safety net when she launched the range. But Victoria's jeans are hugely popular. So now she's decided to get rid of the middle man and produce her own range."

Victoria and Rock and Republic - owned by designer Michael Ball - were planning to announce their split in January once stocks had sold out. But a company spokeswoman in Los Angeles confirmed: "It is true that Rock and Republic are no longer with Victoria Beckham. We stopped working with her in September."

A source said: "They believe R&R are an internationally-recognised brand and they don't need Victoria. She helped them shift a lot of jeans but they're happy to part company."

Victoria is set to sign a deal with family-run Canadian firm Western Glove Works Ltd to make her jeans. We revealed in June how she took a break from the World Cup and flew 8,000 miles to visit the firm, which is based in Winnipeg. A source revealed: "Victoria was hugely impressed with the set-up."

VDB has had huge success with sunglasses and the Intimately Beckham perfume. Victoria's also likely to go it alone with her handbags."

Now I love VickyB as you all know but I never tried on let alone purchased her jeans as Rock Republic and I will not buy them under the VDB (Victoria David Beckham) is just too cheesy for words.

Thursday, 12 October 2006

Meet Victoria Beckham - Book Signing Info

Victoria Beckham is going to be doing a book signing of her eagerly anticipated style guide "That Extra Inch and a Half"

The signing will be on Monday 30 October at 6pm in London Department store Selfridges.

Now I will not have the patience or a hope in hell of getting a book signed because people will be queuing from 6am to get a book signed by Vicky B so I will see it as my civic duty to at least take a picture of the queues of people waiting to get their book signed....I am actually looking forward to this...Londoners get down there to support our Style Queen.

More to follow on 31st October .

Friday, 6 October 2006

Victoria and Katie Work Paris Fashion Week

VicKat have colour co-ordinated their outfits like celebrity twins.

They have chosen a theme, with either one of them in black or white.

Is this cute or a just a desperate cry for attention?

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Victoria's Australian Harper's Bazaar Cover

Posh and her cut new hair cut are looking fantastic on the November issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar.

In her interview she talks about how she giving up the music industry and she gives us some inside information about starting a new clothing line.

Monday, 25 September 2006

Posh Goes To Church

Elle Macpherson celebrated her 3 year old son's christening over the weekend with friends and family in Rome.

Victoria Beckham was among the guests, but in my opinion was not dressed appropriately to attend a church event.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

Posh Wows New York Fashion Week

Here is a round up of the outfits Posh wore during New York Fashion Week.

For New York Fashion Week, Posh showcased three different sophisticated outfits in a matter of hours on Monday. That is how hard Mrs Beckham wanted to make a statement in New York.

I love the sweater dresses...sooo this season (of course)

I am not digging the Cruella de Ville first look...too much make up.

The high-waisted tartan pencil skirt and long black gloves is extremely sophisticated as is the white shirt, black leather cummerbund and grey slacks.

I am surprised Posh would have worn the gold dress as I would not have thought this was her style but she is very cute in this dress.

The white Tutu I don't like and the black dress is very sexy...I bet Mr Beckham likes that one.