Sunday, 17 September 2006

Posh Wows New York Fashion Week

Here is a round up of the outfits Posh wore during New York Fashion Week.

For New York Fashion Week, Posh showcased three different sophisticated outfits in a matter of hours on Monday. That is how hard Mrs Beckham wanted to make a statement in New York.

I love the sweater dresses...sooo this season (of course)

I am not digging the Cruella de Ville first look...too much make up.

The high-waisted tartan pencil skirt and long black gloves is extremely sophisticated as is the white shirt, black leather cummerbund and grey slacks.

I am surprised Posh would have worn the gold dress as I would not have thought this was her style but she is very cute in this dress.

The white Tutu I don't like and the black dress is very sexy...I bet Mr Beckham likes that one.

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