Friday, 30 November 2007

Victoria Beckham To Pose Nude For Marc Jacobs?

As we all know Victoria Beckham has signed a deal to become the face Marc Jacobs' Spring 2008 collection. The surprising news is that he has persuaded her to be photographed naked with the image to be used on a range of his skin cancer charity T-shirts.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "Victoria loves Marc's work but she wasn't entirely comfortable with getting naked."

"Marc went all-out to persuade her. And when she heard about what a great cause it was she knew she just couldn't turn it down. The picture she and Marc have chosen is amazing - sexy but tasteful."

Normally I would not believe this type of rumour, but with Marc Jacobs anything is possible.

Victoria will follow in the footsteps of Julianne Moore, Dita Von Teese and Naomi Campbell, who all stripped for Jacobs' T-shirts in 2006.

They raised £30,000 (US$58,000) for the charity and it is hoped Victoria's raunchy effort will match that figure.


The Spice Girls - Behind The Scenes

The Spice Girls are gearing up to launch their much anticipated comeback tour this weekend.

Despite their first gig kicking off in Canada on Sunday, the girls have admitted that the costumes for the show aren't finished yet.

Victoria seems to have her costume ready as she is wearing this metallic Roberto Cavalli corset.

Looks very much like her black Roberto Cavalli corset she wore when the reunion was announced.

For those who believed that Victoria has not had a boob reduction. Please look closely at the photo below.

No tit-tape nor Wonderbra can make breast look like that. She has clearly had a reduction.


15,000 Watch David Beckham Train

David Beckham wowed thousands of Wellington school children today as he trained with his team.

They did laps of the ground at the beginning and end of training, with waves from Beckham - much to the delight of the fans.

The training itself was pretty untaxing with some light stretching and jogging followed by a game of half-paced seven-a-side.

Late in the session when the team took free-kicks, Beckham put his first one onto the bar drawing "oohs" from the crowd.

His second went straight at the goalkeeper prompting "boos", but his third went in to loud cheers and a smile from Beckham himself.

But the highlight for all was when Beckham was handed the microphone at the end of the session.

His thank you to the assembled children was met with rapturous screams.

"We'd just like to say as a team we're very proud to be here," he said.

"We're pleased to have so many children and people watching."

Beckham then left with a final wave amid more deafening cheers and applause.

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New Roberto Cavalli Sketches For The Spice Girls

Here is a second sketch by Roberto Cavalli of the Spice Girls wardrobe for the tour.

The first was all silver, this one is more traditional Spice Girls with Geri in her Union Jack dress, Mel B in leopard print, Emma in a cute pink baby doll and Mel C in sexy sports gear.

Victoria's look back then was little black dresses, so Cavalli missed the mark in this picture by giving her a huge black ruffled gown.


David Beckham Parties After Sydney FC Defeat

After losing to Sydney FC David Beckham hung out with assistant coach Cobi Jones, team mates Chris Albright, Peter Vagenas, Chris Klein and two security guards to hot spot Hemmesphere on Wednesday night.

David shouted his friends rounds of drinks, vodka shots and plates of sushi.

Before entering the bar David was forced to strip off his t-shirt and put on a collared shirt to meet the bar's dress code.


The Spice Girls Second Christmas Ad

Here is the second part of the Spice Girls Tesco Christmas commercials.

I prefer the first one.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Barbara Walters With The Beckhams

Can't wait for the interview.

Thanks to Katie for the picture.

Victoria Beckham Bans Her Husband From Her First Spice Girls Show

The much anticipated Spice Girls tour finally kicks off this Sunday in Vancouver, Canada and one person that might be missing from the crowd is David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham can’t quite make up her mind whether she wants her husband there or not.

David Beckham told the Sun: "One minute Victoria is saying she wants me there and then it’s ‘No, don’t come to the first show, as we’ll all be too nervous’."

Aww, how sweet. I understand how she feels though.

He said: "I think I’ll be at the show a couple of days later in San Jose and have the boys with me. And I know Victoria will ring me as soon as the first show ends."

"She says the rehearsals have gone amazingly well."


David Beckham Arrives In New Zealand

No David is not getting too familiar with this woman. David and his team mates were welcomed with a powhiri. David watched the welcoming ceremony respectfully Beckham and appearing spellbound.

David and his team mates should be very honoured to receive a powhiri welcome as it it usually only reserved for special visitors.

David said he was honoured by the welcome. "It is something that no player, and no person, would miss," he said.

He acknowledged that New Zealand was a rugby country and said he had watched the national side do the haka many times on TV.

He added: "I would love to stand in front of the All Blacks and see them do it."

After signing autographs for waiting fans, Beckham headed onto the team bus and to the hotel for a media conference where his attention turned towards Saturday’s upcoming match against the Wellington Phoenix.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Barbara Walters Names The Beckhams As One Of The Most Fasinating People In The World

Victoria and David Beckham will be part of an hour-long ABC News special highlighting some of the year's most prominent names in entertainment, sports, politics and business.

The show is called Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2007 and will air on Thursday 6 December (10:02-11:00 pm, ET) on ABC.

This will be the first time since....geez I can't remember when ...David and Victoria appeared on a TV interview together. Actually the last few interviews I remember were Parkinsons when she named him 'Golden Balls', 'The Real Beckhams' Documentary and Ali G for Children In Need. Can anyone else think of any other Beckham's interviews?

I hope and pray that the interview does not ask the boring bog standard questions that we will get the same responses.

For example:

"When we first turned up in America, we did not think anyone knew who we were."

"We don't go out that much, we are quiet boring."

"Our kids think that all mummy's are Spice Girls and all daddy's are footballers."

"It's less about parenting and more about crowd control."

"I don't exercise, I stand in goal and the kids kick balls at me."

"People always think I am so miserable in photos."

"I don't work out because I can't figure out what to wear at the gym."


"I'm a girl's girl."

"He's the good looking one but everyone says I'm funny" (submitted by Lilflowa)

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Beckhamania Down Under

I posted pictures earlier of David Beckham promoting his fragrance in Sydney.

Above is a video of the moment he was introduced to the screaming fans. Below is a picture of David Beckham sans socks.

Many journalists are calling his a major fashion faux pas. Personally I don't see the big deal. When the face is that pretty who's looking at the feet?


Victoria Beckham Is CONFIRMED As The Face Of Marc Jacobs Spring 2008

The rumours are true.

Victoria Beckham will be the next face of Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 advertising campaign. The shoot has already taken place with Jacobs’ regular photographer, Juergen Teller.

According a WWD source, Jacobs’ had approached Beckham about modeling his sexy, peekaboo spring collection.

Victoria recently wore a Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 ensemble to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show pink carpet which the majority of us hated.

Jacobs has remarked recently in W, that faces of his campaigns aren’t used for selling items, instead they’re a "intimate moment to with somebody I admire."

With that said I can not wait.


David Beckham Is Blogging From Down Under

Hello from Australia,

I’m really happy to have finally made it over - the people have been amazing and I’ve been made to feel really welcome. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia as well as New Zealand, which I’m off to on Thursday, so it’s a great feeling to be here.

I’m writing this to you the day after our game against Sydney FC. It was disappointing to lose the match even though it was a friendly, as I always want to win, but I was pleased to play the full game and of course, score a goal. I practice free kicks enough, so it’s always a great feeling when they go in.

The atmosphere in the Telstra Stadium was amazing and it was a really entertaining match for the 80,000 fans. We really enjoyed playing, despite the result, and now look forward to the game against Wellington Phoenix on Saturday.

I was a bit worried when I went over on my ankle. I thought it might be the same injury I’d had for Real Madrid on the last day of the season, but I managed to play on and finish the game ok, so thankfully it wasn’t that bad.

This Thursday is also the 2nd anniversary of The David Beckham Academy in the UK. I went along to the Academy last week, and you’ll be able to see my video footage of the day on later this week. But as I’m in Australia at the moment I can’t be there on Thursday, so I would just like to say thanks to all the coaches and staff for their hard work over the past two years and also a big thank you to all the children that have visited and enjoyed the Academy.

That’s all for now. I’ll let you know how New Zealand goes.


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Promote It Like Becks

When it comes to endorsements and promotion, no one does it quite like David Beckham.

After the loss to Sydney FC yesterday, David spent today launching his new Intimately Night fragrance at a Sydney department store.

Asked about the ankle injury which pained him early in the LA Galaxy's 3-5 loss to Sydney FC, Beckham gave promoters the good news ahead of Saturday's game against the Phoenix.

"It's not too bad - a bit sore but I'll be fine for New Zealand,"
he said.

David then moved onto the next location to promote the new Motorola Razr. No rest for the wicked.

David and his Galaxy teammates fly to Wellington, New Zealand tomorrow, with a 34,500 sellout predicted at Westpac Stadium on Saturday.

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