Thursday, 29 November 2007

Victoria Beckham Bans Her Husband From Her First Spice Girls Show

The much anticipated Spice Girls tour finally kicks off this Sunday in Vancouver, Canada and one person that might be missing from the crowd is David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham can’t quite make up her mind whether she wants her husband there or not.

David Beckham told the Sun: "One minute Victoria is saying she wants me there and then it’s ‘No, don’t come to the first show, as we’ll all be too nervous’."

Aww, how sweet. I understand how she feels though.

He said: "I think I’ll be at the show a couple of days later in San Jose and have the boys with me. And I know Victoria will ring me as soon as the first show ends."

"She says the rehearsals have gone amazingly well."


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Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I'M going to San Jose! I hope I get to see him... even though I probably wont