Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Victoria Beckham Updates Her Blog Too

Victoria's TV debut

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... Victoria in her starring role as Wilhelmina Slater's bridesmaid in Ugly Betty.

The episode of the wedding will be shown on ABC television in the US on Thursday, November 8th at 8pm, and 9pm on Channel 4 in the UK on November 23rd - not the 16 November, as I was lead to believe.



Janie said...

Can't come quick enough for me F.C.! Squeel!

Camerynn said...

OMG, she was wonderful on the show tonight! I love how she always takes jabs at herself. The Beck-MMMM! energy drink was hysterical lol. I'm just sad that she wasn't in the episode more, too little Posh :(

Anonymous said...

Posh was funny. She takes such a funny approach to things. Really do not know how you can't just laugh with her. She is funny..