Saturday, 17 November 2007

Victoria Beckham Had To Turn Down A Part In 'Sex And The City' The Movie

Victoria Beckham was invited to join Carrie Bradshaw and rest of the Sex and the City girls on the big screen, but will not be able to appear in the movie due to scheduling issues.

"I got asked to be in the Sex and the City film, which I would have loved to have done, but because I am in full-on Spice Girls rehearsal mode, unfortunately, I can't do it,"
says Victoria.

I am crying inside. She would have been perfect and I would have loved to have seen what outfits Patricia Fields would have put her in.

Patricia Fields recently said in an OK magazine interview, "I love Victoria Beckham's style. She enjoys clothing and she knows how to work a look, so i take my hat off to her - she's definitely a fashion icon!

Her style reminds me of Hollywood glamour of 30s - a period when stars always looked good, now in Hollywood most people tend to look a bit of mess - they don't know how to dress. Although Victoria is on the slim side, she doesn't look weak, which is a good thing. Victoria co-ordinates a complete look;see how she matches the shoes with dress."

Coming from style queen Patricia, this is Major.



electra said...

Argh, now that's a shame, that would be so amazing. Even though i'm a guy, SATC is deffo one of my favourite shows.

Janie said...

Absolutely gutted me. Victoria would have been fab as Carries sister! or something like that So dissapointing!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh...damn... im crying inside too :(