Monday, 26 November 2007

'Romeo Will Be The Next Timberlake' Says David Beckham

It has been a David Beckham bonanza this weekend and the gift just keeps on giving.

Here is David at the "Foxtel Is Football" Foxtel and FFA hosted party in honour of David Beckham at Cafe Sydney on Monday night.

David's interview with UK television show This Morning was aired today and he said that Romeo is most likely follow his mother into the world of pop.

"Romeo is the performer in our family, he is going to be the next Justin Timberlake, hopefully," said David.

Talking about his wife's upcoming Spice Girl world tour, he said: "Victoria says, “All our boys know what daddy does, he plays football in front of all these people, but they have never seen what mummy used to do” and so that was one of the reasons why she wanted to do it and it will be amazing, all the boys are going to love it."

Becks said that he will be heading home for Christmas.

"We are going to be back in England, I love London, I love being back in England, I love being back in London, it is where I am from and where Victoria is from and Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without being back here," he said.

You can watch the interview with David here. It is so cute, he is quizzed at the end in a fun home & away challenge.

He chose home of course....true English man at heart. Love him.

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