Sunday, 11 November 2007

Fans Welcome David Beckham To Minnesota

David Beckham and his teammates arrived in Minnesota yesterday ahead of the inaugural Copa Minnesota at 5:30 pm (local time) today against the Minnesota Thunder at the Metrodome.

Here is a video of David's arrival. The cute kids were told that David would not stop to sign autographs, but being the true star that he is, he did stop, and make those kids day. (everyday I ♥ him more and more).

While the Thunder are trying to promote what they hope will be an annual event bringing in top competition for the Copa Cup, this game has been all about Beckham since it was announced last spring.

The game was originally scheduled for a month ago, but Beckham sprained his right knee in August and needed six weeks of recovery and rehabilitation.

The Thunder usually play to a crowd of 3,500, but an estimated 35,000 fans will be at the Sunday game. That is the power of Brand Beckham. No wonder they moved this game.


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