Thursday, 1 November 2007

Victoria Beckham Wear Trainers (Sneakers) SHOCKER!!!

Victoria Beckham recorded her appearance on Ellen's show yesterday. The shocking thing was she swapped shoes with Ellen. Yes Victoria in trainers (sneakers), the girl who once said she ALWAYS wears heels, even her trainers at the Dodgers game had a wedge.

Here are some extracts from her interview with Ellen:

On making new pals in her LA neighborhood:
“We’ve met some really nice friends. Eva Longoria has been really sweet. When I first moved here, I didn’t know anybody. She went with me to get my nails done, my hair done…” (Ellen then interrupts, “You could have called me; I’ll show you all that stuff. Anytime. Any kind of girly thing.”)

(Notice how she does not even mention Katie Holmes, and they were friends long before her and Longoria)

On her kids leading relatively normal lives: “It must be really weird for the kids. They go to a really lovely school on fantastic grounds. They do their thing. They’re normal little boys. I go to work, do what I do, and David does what he does. I think that they think all mommies are Spice Girls and all daddies play soccer. That’s just the way they were taught.”

On her sons’ aspirations: “Brooklyn and Cruz, the oldest and the smallest, want to play soccer. Romeo wants to go on the stage. He thinks he’s the next Justin Timberlake. He sings for everybody; he dances.”

On her love for having a daughter: “It would be great. It would finish the family off to have a little girl, I think, but I have a big tour coming up and I don’t want to get pregnant!”

On not working out and staying fit:
“I don’t [work out] because I can’t get my head around what to wear at the gym I don’t do anything. I’m running around after three kids and they play soccer. They just . . . throw footballs at me and I just stand from left to right and that kind of keeps me fit.”

On her son Brooklyn liking RUBBERS: “I took him to school and he met his teacher. His teacher was trying to relax him and said, ‘Brooklyn, you know, what do you like?’ and he said, ‘Soccer!’ She said, ‘Do you collect anything?’ He said, ‘Yes, I collect rubbers.’” (Audience laughs and Posh explains, “In England, a rubber is an eraser.”)

Hopefully, later on today once the Ellen Show is aired, some nice person will put it on You Tube and I will post it later.



Anonymous said...

That picture is classic! I don't think her not mentioning Katie Holmes means anything. After all, she didn't mention Jennifer Lopez either. In my opinion, i think they're both trying to cool off their relationship because of the whole Scientology crap. Victoria and Eva met up when she first went to the US and attended a party in that short Roberto Cavalli dress(there was a video of them coming out of a hotel room after playing some games or so)

Fashion Critic said...

Katie was her most high profile friend prior to the Beckham's moving to LA. Victoria says she knew NO ONE before she moved to LA, which is not true. Katie Holmes and Victoria are practically neighbours.

You are entitled to your opinion on how you interrpetate her words.

Anonymous said...

I now see the point you're trying to make FC. It's actually quite wierd now that she said she knew no one...Let's hope she just said it at the heat of the moment as opposed to really meaning it

brit said...

good interveiw, i like the ugly betty clip looks really fab