Monday, 19 November 2007

David Beckham To Appear On The Last Ever Parkinson

David Beckham will join a list of very well respected guests for Michael Parkinson last ever show.

The list includes two Sirs, Sir Michael Caine and Sir David Attenborough and two Dames Dame Judi Dench and Dame Edna Everage, so David is in great company.

Parkinson described his final studio line-up as a collection of "friends who have made a particular contribution" to his long-running chat show - 30 years.

The final show will air on ITV1 on 15 December.



electra said...

I wish the Spice Girls would perform there too. Seeing as it will air on 15th, it's usually filmed on Thursdays, so maybe they will make it on time from Las Vegas to London to film it.

brit said...

awww what will tv be without parky, hes been there forever.... i will def catch that.... partly for david ;)

muchlove said...

oh, Parkinson will have his last show EVER? Wow, 30 years is amazing.
I've always really enjoyed his interviews.
That's great that David will be there. Looking forward to seeing it.