Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Barbara Walters Names The Beckhams As One Of The Most Fasinating People In The World

Victoria and David Beckham will be part of an hour-long ABC News special highlighting some of the year's most prominent names in entertainment, sports, politics and business.

The show is called Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People Of 2007 and will air on Thursday 6 December (10:02-11:00 pm, ET) on ABC.

This will be the first time since....geez I can't remember when ...David and Victoria appeared on a TV interview together. Actually the last few interviews I remember were Parkinsons when she named him 'Golden Balls', 'The Real Beckhams' Documentary and Ali G for Children In Need. Can anyone else think of any other Beckham's interviews?

I hope and pray that the interview does not ask the boring bog standard questions that we will get the same responses.

For example:

"When we first turned up in America, we did not think anyone knew who we were."

"We don't go out that much, we are quiet boring."

"Our kids think that all mummy's are Spice Girls and all daddy's are footballers."

"It's less about parenting and more about crowd control."

"I don't exercise, I stand in goal and the kids kick balls at me."

"People always think I am so miserable in photos."

"I don't work out because I can't figure out what to wear at the gym."


"I'm a girl's girl."

"He's the good looking one but everyone says I'm funny" (submitted by Lilflowa)

Source & Abby & Posh 2.0


Posh 2.0 said...

The only other interview I saw in the US was another Barbara Walters one. Maybe around 2000 or 2001? I can't remember. But I can not wait to see them this time. And I agree I hope it's not the same boring questions w/ the same boring answers.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, but yeah, I'm tired of the same ol' answers! Victoria can do better than that. I did see a preview and besides looking gorgeous both of them, Barbara asked them if their relationship will last or something like that. I had no idea they were gonna be on there so I was caught by surprise and did not catch the full q. I guess I was too busy staring at them. :D

muchlove said...

so are they counted as 1 or 2 of the most fascinating people?

I know what you mean with the standard Q&A quotes. You'd think they'd get tired of constantly repeating themselves...
I don't think this will be an in-depth interview, so I kinda expect some of the same ol' lines to pop up. Hopefully Barbara has done her research and ask some intriguing questions though.

bat said...

we have seen their interviews together in the world cup party documentary in 2002 as well as in 2006 but since then they havent come in an interveiw together.

electra said...

Why is she ALWAYS repeating herself in interviews? She keeps saying the same bloody things since Cruz was born. Boring.

They did an interview for 20/20 (ABC) back in 2003, "Wetten, dass..?", "Parkinson" and "Ali G." in 2001.

Plus they did a few documentaries since 2003, The Real Beckhams, World Cup Party, ... where they had together interviews.

Anonymous said...

another one is

" The kids thought they were moving to Disneyland"

peach said...

I just saw the clip last night. I think she asked 'is this relationship is forever?' or something stupid to that effect. I can't abide Barbara Walters, but of course will tune in to see these two. :)

Lilflowa said...

lmao Fc ya that pretty much all we get in interviews! and oh dont forget "he's the good looking one but evryone says im funny" preceeded by awkward giggle. lol

And i can think of their world cup party in ?2004?-lime green dress springs to mind, and erm their 20/20 interview they did in America on abc. thats the last time i can think they were together really....