Friday, 30 November 2007

The Spice Girls - Behind The Scenes

The Spice Girls are gearing up to launch their much anticipated comeback tour this weekend.

Despite their first gig kicking off in Canada on Sunday, the girls have admitted that the costumes for the show aren't finished yet.

Victoria seems to have her costume ready as she is wearing this metallic Roberto Cavalli corset.

Looks very much like her black Roberto Cavalli corset she wore when the reunion was announced.

For those who believed that Victoria has not had a boob reduction. Please look closely at the photo below.

No tit-tape nor Wonderbra can make breast look like that. She has clearly had a reduction.



Ljn.- said...


I'm so glad she had the reduction done. She looks much more natural and glamorous! Overall, the smaller size fits her body better. Good for VB!


4 of a kind said...

I agree 100%

electra said...

Yes her boobs seem to appear smaller. That's great!