Saturday, 3 November 2007

Victoria Beckham Wears Sweats SHOCKER!!!

It has been a week of firsts.

A first look at the video 'Headlines' by the Spice Girls, the first time Victoria has worn trainers in public, and now the first time we have seen Victoria wearing sweats.

Yesterday she left rehearsals with the Spice Girls wearing a article of clothing we are not used to seeing her in, a sweatshirt. I bet she could not wait to get home to wear Chanel. :)

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electra said...

LOL. She wore them back in 2003/2004 though.

I like to see her dressed casually from time to time, it makes her look more like the rest of us.

jd said...

i actually would like to see her dress more as a normal person than with all the other stuff she wears.