Saturday, 3 November 2007

David Beckham's Interview In Arena Magazine

I have scanned David Beckham's interview in Arena magazine for those who are interested.

You will/may be surprised to know that it is actually David Beckham who purchased all Victoria's Hermes bags. In the interview he says, "I love giving presents more than buying things. I love buying my wife handbags and jewellery. I just got her a bag from Hermes, a thin brownish-beige one. And I bought her all the Kelly bags and all the Birkins."

I fall more and MORE in love with this man every day. He IS the most perfect man, husband, and father. I hope I find a man who will buy me that many Birkin's and Kelly's.

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Source: Arena Magazine


Allysia-May said...

OH MY DAZE!!! So he's the one who actually bought all those bags, damn! I'm falling more and more in love with him everyday. I also wish i'd marry someone who'd buy me gorgeous gifts. Keep up the goodwork FC, your site is my daily starbucks

Fashion Critic said...

LOL....thanks Allysia-May.

Sara said...

ohh i agreed!!!
I fall more and more and more in love with this man every day!!
oh yeah he is the most perfect man,husband, father ... He is the most perfect in everthing however he does!!!!
And thanks to post the scan, because unfortunately, here in Brazil this magazine don't exist ... =/

Janie said...

Ah. Thanks so much F.C. getting these magazine scans means so much to me and I'm sure others that have to be v careful round a pound too. Your a doll! mwah!

Kliff said...

does anyone know who makes the shirt david is wearing on the cover? thanks!