Sunday, 11 November 2007

Spice Girls New Sexy Photoshoot

These new pictures are from the Spice Girls official tour programme and have been released today ahead of their Greatest Hits album release tomorrow.

All the girls look fabulous, especially Geri and Victoria, but I am tired of seeing Mel B in a bra.

Despite the fab video and these sexy pictures, Headlines only entered the UK chart at number 20, which must be a bitter blow for the girls.

I guess the girls were too busy to be in the room all together, because they all look photoshopped into the top picture.



Staffan2 said...

Well, it's downloads only this week. I'm sure it will improve next week, but Number One I don't think so.

Yvonne said...

Great picture, but I don't like Geri's outfit.

Fashion Critic said...

These days the majority of sales are downloads, I can't see them moving up the charts significantly next week.

brit said...

they look so gorgeous!