Monday, 5 November 2007

The Beckhams Dinner Date

After the charity match yesterday, David and Victoria Beckham went out for dinner at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. I love seeing my favourite couple together. I wish we could see more couple pictures.

In the picture she appears to be concentrating very hard. Did she have a little to drink with her steak?

Victoria looks beautiful as always in a black lace mini dress with her favourite Givenchy heels.

Apparently Victoria has been told to put on weight ahead of the Spice Girls reunion tour.

Victoria is often criticised for being too thin, and has been ordered to eat five meals a day amid concerns that she will be unable to handle the band's busy schedule.

A source told the Daily Mail: "She is terrified of putting on a single pound and has had to be talked into increasing her food intake. It would be very embarrassing for her if she collapses or gets ill because she's too weak."



Yvonne said...

Why is she always criticised for being too thin. She isn't too thin, her body looks perfect. Most people are just jealous.

Tara said...

I would absolutely love to have a figure like victoria, even without the boobs.

Janie said...

I thought she was veggie? I'm fairly sure I've heard her saying she doesn't eat any animal products. Maybe she's having to re-think her regime due to the tour?

Cammy said...

I know what you mean, Yvonne! I think she looks great, the way a women's body should look. She is not dumb to starve herself she knows what she can handle and what not so those people should just let her be. She looks perfect the way she is!

jdg6385 said...

It's too bad the daily mail don't reveal where that source came from just to keep lying. They better reveal that damn source cus saying just a "source" is not good enough.

Posh 2.0 said...

I agree w/ everyone. All ppl talk about is how "thin" she is. I though maybe it was just me who didn't think twice abt her weight.

Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks her body is perfect. Forget looking like that after 3 kids, can I look like that now please?!

Steven said...

Listen people, her body may look great on the outside, but on the inside she just may not be getting the nutrients and calorie intake that will be required for the rigorous demands of touring.

It's not just whats on the outside that counts. A person may have great metabolism to keep a slim shape, but you must still eat right to be healthy.