Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Victoria Beckham Boosts Marks & Spencer's Sales

Victoria Beckham is always slated for her fashion sense in the press, but UK retailer Marks & Spencer's have proved that her fashion savvy is as powerful as ever.

Marks and Spencer have reported that her purchase of the black leather dress, shown above, has boosted their sales by 11.5%, and are describing it as "the hit of the season".

Almost 30% of the first order was sold via the M&S website before they could even get the dresses onto the shop floor, and it's been selling out ever since - all thanks to Victoria, apparently, who ordered a size 8 and had to have it taken in to fit her.

Brand Beckham is as strong and potent as ever. Recognize.


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Janie said...

I'm not surprised she had to have it taken in! I'm a generous 12 in most uk shops but in Marks I often end up buying a 10. I even bought a size 8 pencil/tulip shape skirt recently. They are one of those stores where they big up their sizes and others are often really small,like Zara whereI'd get the equivalent of a size 14/Large as Medium's too snug across the chest. Does anyone else think sizing is a joke? Some shops I don't even go in anymore as their sizes are so ridiculously small.