Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Victoria Beckham has gone BLONDE

Doesn't she look FANTASTIC?? Victoria can never be boring because she always comes up with new ways to keep you entertained hence me starting this blog all about her.

Here is Victoria Beckham shopping at the trendy Fred Segal's on Tuesday debuting her new chic hairstyle.


Hooray!!! Victoria And Katie Holmes Are Still Friends

Looks like reports of a strained relationship between Katie and Victoria may have been premature because here are the lovely duo going to dinner at Spago on Monday night.

Victoria has the same outfit on as she did during the day which shows that she is calming down on the numerous outfit changes she had done in the past while in the US. But I miss that I love the 3 outfit a day changes that is what makes Posh...well Posh.

Victoria Beckham - On The Cover

A lot of magazines are reporting that all is not well in the Beckham household as Posh and Becks become increasingly worried and stressed about the move to LA. I feel this is normal with any move and even more so in this case as it is overseas. Victoria has to pretty much look for a house and schools for her family on her OWN as David is duty bound to his team to stay in Europe. This would be stressful for a couple let alone poor old Posh.

I hope she finds a house soon to take the pressure of the move. Maybe she should stop shopping LOL.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Are Victoria Beckham And Katie Holmes Still Friends?

There are reports that the friendship between Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes has cooled as Katie has appeared to have snubbed her pal Posh while she was in LA for the Oscars.

Victoria went to Elton John's party while Katie went the Vanity Fair do. (Posh later went to the Vanity Fair Party) This is not the first time that Katie avoided Victoria. Katie failed to invite Victoria to Giorgio Armani's party as she was the guest of honour.

Could Victoria LA status be diminished without Katie? I don't think so especially as she has her own Reality TV show in the works.

David Beckham Gets The Lowest Bid At Elton John's Auction

David Beckham had offered private soccer lessons for Elton John's auction for his Aids Foundation.

Unfortunately the lessons only went for $70,000. This is a lot for us regular but some of these people paid up to $250k just to attend Elton John's birthday, so $70k is like pocket change for them.

"Guess it shows how much Americans care about soccer," quipped one guest.

Here are some pictures of David in London (While his wife was at the Oscars) dining out with a friend at the upscale restaurant Cipriani's.

What Did Victoria Beckham Do After The Oscars?

What do you do the night after the Oscars?

Victoria Beckham went out for a sushi lunch at Matsuhisa before hitting upscale Beverly Hills boutiques shopping for sunglasses and other things that's what she did. I hope she got something for hubby David.

It looks like Posh has taken Katie's advice. Katie recently suggested to Posh that she wear more jeans and t-shirts as it is the LA way to dress down.

Victoria Beckham Has Landed Her Own Reality TV Show

Victoria Beckham has signed a £10million TV deal for her own reality show.

US Network NBC will film a fly-on-the-wall show about the ex-Spice Girl and hubby David’s move to Los Angeles.

Manager Simon Fuller, who brokered David’s £128million move to LA Galaxy, said: “The Americans were falling over to sign Victoria for TV.

“They have taken a shine to Vic’s hilarious humour.”

But at the Oscars, Posh, 32, denied she has plans to act.

Monday, 26 February 2007

Posh arrives at the Vanity Fair Party

Posh is having a great time in LA turning up to her second Oscar Party.

Victoria Beckham's Oscar Night Dress & Jewels

Victoria's dress was designed by a little known designer called Azzedine Alaia. Although it looks white in the photo's I have been informed that it is cream.

Mrs Beckham is wearing £3million worth of Chopard diamonds and doubt loaned.

Posh at Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party

Here are some pictures of Victoria Beckham at the 15th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party.

No sign of David unforunately.

Here is Posh in a simple white dress...I really like it and I am glad she did not go over the top as I expected her to.

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Beckhams Fly In For The Oscars

David and Victoria will get a taste of Hollywood when they attend the Oscars parties on Sunday.

Victoria flew in to LA on Friday and her husband is expected to join her this weekend.

The couple will be guests of honour at pal Elton John's post-Oscars party. Elton says, "They'll definitely be there."

Too Posh to Walk...but not smile

A smile...LA must be agreeing with Posh.

Here is the gorgeous Posh beaming as she left Heathrow on Thursday to travel to LA last night in time to attend the Oscars on Sunday.

Mariah does not do stairs so Posh went one better and decided not to walk through LAX....I thought those buggies were only for old people or those who have disabilities.

I can not wait to see her dress. No doubt it will be by her favourite designer Roberto Cavalli.

Let's pray that she does not turn up in anything like this monstrosity

Cruz Beckham 2nd Birthday

FINALLY a shot of baby Cruz. Here is Victoria Beckham and Cruz at Burger King in Madrid. They were there as it was Cruz' 2nd Birthday on Tuesday, 20th February.

Monday, 19 February 2007

Victoria Talks About Her New Fashion Line

Posh spoke exclusively to WWD magazine about her new clothing line:

"People would be quite upset if I actually smiled," she said, jokingly. They almost expect her to be serious with "the miserable cow syndrome," she quipped. "I think it's funny. At the end of the day, I like to poke fun at myself. I am a very happy, fun, smiley person. It just doesn't always translate that well."

"The children aren't spoiled at all. They are not used to walking into toy shops like this. Contrary to what people think, we live a relatively simple life at home."

"We have a few very good friends that are celebrities," she said. "But David and I don't go out that much. Obviously, it's fun every now and then to go out for dinner, but am I going to start going to nightclubs with Britney Spears every night? Possibly not. I have three children, I work hard, and when I am not working, I am at home with the kids."

On The Spice Girls, "It was fantastic and I am so grateful for the girls, and how successful we were because it's given me the opportunity to do what I actually really, really love. We were like a girl gang. We were five best friends. What people didn't want to believe about the Spice Girls is that we actually genuinely were like that. Emma came in with those pigtails, Geri came in with the red hair and the big boobs and the little tiny HotPants, and Melanie B. really was scary. And the sporty one was obsessed with soccer. That was what was so phenomenal about us."

She's expanding the DVB lifestyle brand to include denim. Victoria is no stranger to the jean business. She made a mint for Rock & Republic and is even suing and is even suing them for her fair share.

We can't wait to see them.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Posh and the boys at Disneyland

Both a smile and a her pushing a buggy.

Cute pics of Posh and the boys (and her many bodyguards) at Disneyland this weekend.

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Posh In LA

Here is Posh looking surprisingly casual as she leaves the Ivy restaurant the place to go to eat if you REALLY want your photo taken by the paparazzi in LA.

She was also there to look at houses....well if she spent less time shopping and hanging out at trendy restaurants maybe she would have found somewhere by now.

PoshBot aka Fembot

When I saw this it made me laugh as people call Posh a fembot and this illustration shows why.

Friday, 16 February 2007

Becks New Perfume Ad

Here is David Beckham new ad for his aftershave Instinct...

...which is much better than the previous ad in which frankly he looked very feminine to me...don't you agree?

Thursday, 15 February 2007

The Beckham's Valentine's Day

Victoria spent Valentine's Day in LA with her son's.

They are photographed leaving the Cheesecake Factory. (which sounds like a place I want to die)

Her boys look very smart here dressed up to spend the day with the woman they love...awwww
Posh is carry the lastest must have IT bag, the Prada Fringe

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

3 Outfits 1 Day...New York, New York

Luckily she is married to a famous footballer as Posh made 3 changes in one day during her stay in New York.

Meeting, Shopping, Dinner....I guess

Plea to Posh

Here is Posh in LA...yes she looks fabulous but I am SERIOUSLY worrying about the lack of time she is spending with her husband because we all know what happened the last time she went off globe trotting.

I mean it is Valentine's Day for f*ck sake....


Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Posh in New York

Here is Vicky and her two boys in New York. Brookyln and Romeo the mini-jet setters look very happy.

It must be very cold with that (hopefully faux) fur around her neck

David's Dinner Date with Jennifer Lopez

With his wife out of town in New York with the kids David Beckham was lonely.

But that doesn't mean David has been sitting at home at night, playing solitaire and eating meals for one......Oh no.

Instead, he just hooked up with Jennifer Lopez and her hubby Marc Anthony.

David dining out with J.Lo for me is odd...I mean what would they even have in common to talk about. I hope it is not Scientology.

I REALLY can not wait for them to move....I am so excited with all the new friends they are making as UK celebs are so dull and full of reality TV rejects.