Thursday, 29 June 2006

Victoria Comes Back To London For Hair Emergency

Victoria Beckham was clearly shocked when pictures emerged recently showing she was losing her hair.

Faced with such a crisis, the small fact that her trusted hairdresser was hundreds of miles away in London proved no obstacle.

Victoria made a desperate phonecall her hair stylist Seleny Georghiou pleading with her to fly out to Germany to replace her old hair extensions which had been tugging at her natural hair and causing an embarrassing bald spot. The call came after photographers noticed the bare patch on the top of her head when she flew to Canada for a 24-hours business trip away from the WAGs supporting their partners at the World Cup in Germany.

Miss Georghiou could not make the trip, so Victoria had to come to her - at the Connect Hair System Salon she owns in Chalk Farm. She booked a cheap Ryanair flight immediately and flew the 550-mile round-trip from Baden-Baden to Stanstead in Essex at a cost of some £340. Small change for Mrs Beckham me thinks.