Friday, 30 November 2007

New Roberto Cavalli Sketches For The Spice Girls

Here is a second sketch by Roberto Cavalli of the Spice Girls wardrobe for the tour.

The first was all silver, this one is more traditional Spice Girls with Geri in her Union Jack dress, Mel B in leopard print, Emma in a cute pink baby doll and Mel C in sexy sports gear.

Victoria's look back then was little black dresses, so Cavalli missed the mark in this picture by giving her a huge black ruffled gown.



bri said...

you're right but i'm gonna defend him and say it's just a bit of an upgrade on the LBD really. just added a FAB train to it. looks ridiculously good. they all look good but i ADORE vic's dress and geri's leather jacket? WOWS.

with all this hype i'm just hoping the show will not let down cos if the littlest thing is off media will have a field day and completely slaughter them. i'm really anxious about this...just 2 more days!!

AmyTillery said...

I would have to disagree that he missed the mark at all. It's still a little black dress but he added to her look. After all let's face it VB may have been Posh in the day but today she's got MAJOR style. That look was good for that time, but now to really see a woman that has class and style it take way more then a plain little black dress that really wasn't a name brand dress. I love it and she will wear it VERY well!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with the others ... this is totally an LBD that Beckham is wearing, the train is not technically considered a dress, but a train. It's small in the front and I think it is sooo something she would have worn back then if fashion had been that glamorous. Not a usual fan of Cavalli's but I must say I love his sketches. You have a very good site here! :)