Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Beckhamania Down Under

I posted pictures earlier of David Beckham promoting his fragrance in Sydney.

Above is a video of the moment he was introduced to the screaming fans. Below is a picture of David Beckham sans socks.

Many journalists are calling his a major fashion faux pas. Personally I don't see the big deal. When the face is that pretty who's looking at the feet?



electra said...

How can you wear shoes without socks? Don't you get blisters?

lilflowa said...

lol BEcks nono! that is one of my pet peeves...guys sans socks in dressy shoes! ugh it always looks so tacky and i imagine them having sweaty feet lol

lilflowa said...

I just thought mayb he has on ankle socks? the really low fashionable ones that only becks would wear? lol

i refuse to accept his bare feet hahahaha lol.....ankle sox it is :)

bri said...

who's really gonna be paying attn to his socks? besides, i don't look at these pics and think "fashion faux pas". i just think "sexy ankles" LOL. he just does it for me...i can forgive him anything. the man is perfection.

sometimes i really hate victoria. and his parents. could they not have had more boys?? is that too much to ask for?