Friday, 2 November 2007

Victoria Beckham's Appearance On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

OK could not find it on You Tube, but JustJared has posted the whole interview.

As usual Victoria is very funny throughout the interview, but I do feel like I have heard it all before.

I love the end where they give a fan tickets to the London concert, plus flights, accommodation to London and a camera. Jealous?? much?? Yes. Mostly because she got to hug Victoria.



kinhaa said...

"Jealous?? much?? Yes. Mostly because she got to hug Victoria."
F***,me too,I hate that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, man! She got to hug fabulous Victoria and go to her concert? I'm a poor college student who loves Posh...why don't I get tickets? :(

peach said...

I thought she was great but I wish she didn't use the same 'script', for lack of a better term. She repeated a lot of what she said on Jay Leno and with Ryan Seacrest. She's so naturally funny, I wish she'd relax and just be natural.

I love her though and it's always great to see her smiling on these shows.

Great blog, I know it must take a lot of time to keep it so well-updated. Thanks for that, FC.

Janie said...

Often when people have a lot of back to back interviews and so called "press junkets" they do end up trotting out the same ol tired lines, but both David and Victoria have been saying similar/same stuff for years now. I really do love em both to death , but it's time to get some new material guys!She looks stunning in that purple frock and matching shoes though.

Anonymous said...

aaah... She got to hug Victoria!! I'm so jealous!!! and I so wanted to watch their concert...