Saturday, 10 November 2007

New Galaxy Coach Ruud Gullit Will Encourage David Beckham To Play For England

New LA Galaxy coach Ruud Gullit has told BBC Sport he will not stand in the way of David Beckham continuing his international career.

Gullit said: "If David believes he has to play for the national team then I will encourage him."

"If the England coach thinks he needs him, then he has to go."

David will travel to Vienna for England's friendly on Friday, face Croatia on 21 November before travelling to Australia (27 November) and New Zealand (30 November) for showpiece games with the Galaxy.

Ruud has a bit of an ego and has not been particularly successful for the clubs he has managed, so I do not think this is the best thing for the Galaxy. I just hope he does not use David as a scapegoat when/if things go wrong, like most managers do.


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Janie said...

David cam cope if he does! He's tough under that handsome exterior!