Thursday, 2 August 2007

In Victoria's Closet - Hermes Bag Collection

Victoria is anything but a bag lady as she can afford all of these gorgeous Hermes Birkin bags in a rainbow of colours - at around £8,000 a EACH.

Reporters says she must have spent around £56,000 on the luscious bags. I reckon more....unless they were given to her.

The expensive price tag is down to its exclusivity - the waiting list for a special edition can be six years.

It suppose it is not enough that we have to envy Victoria for getting into bed with David Beckham every night. We now have to have Bag envy>

The bags range from the Orange Birkin, the Etoupe Birkin, the much admired Pink Ostrich Birkin, Etoupe Birkin, White Birkin, White Kelly with Orange piping, mini black Kelly, Blue Jean, Brown Ostrich Vintage Kelly, Shearling Kelly, Rouge Box Kelly, Tri colour Vintage Kelly, Vert Anis Birkin....phew!
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brit said...

shes so pretty. Yes huge bag envy! I think as shes got them in basically every colour she gets given them.

emma said...

How gorgeous... all of them! :) I would imagine that she didn't pay for all of then because she has said before she gets a lot of clothes/purses for free.

My personal favorites are the Black Birkin and the Pink Ostrich Birkin.

AdminVoilalaMode said...

her hermes handbag colection is amazing! love the pink one!

Moncrot said...

I will be very happy if she would just lock me in her wardrobe for a while and let me drool and worship her Hermes collection.
And I used to believe that Kellys and Birkins are for grandmas. I bow my head in shame... Ave Victoria the Eye-Opener! said...

shes doesnt get them for free.
she does get ahead in the waiting list hwoever hermes does not give away free swag.
even jane birkn had to pay for her birkin when they first made it for her. she has spent well over 2million dollars at ermes owning over 120 birkins.

Fashion Critic said...

I knew Victoria and David paid for her Hermes bags, but Jane Birkin had to pay? WOW