Thursday, 16 August 2007

Intimately Beckham Night

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Apparently this is new, which I find strange considering she has dark hair in the picture and he actually has hair.

Anyways, Intimately Beckham Night, which they recently launched at the Bel Air Hotel will be available in American department stores in September.

So what do you think of the advertising?

I don't like it mainly because it is clearly an old picture. I wish it was fresh and new.



Cee said...

It's ok .. but it should've been an ad shot like the one's in W magazine that they did. Now those were " intimate".

emma said...

I don't like it because the light in the picture makes Victoria's hair look gray. The perfume bottle is a pretty color but I thought it was supposed to be pink. What does the 'night' part have to do with anything. What is just plain Intimately Beckham?

Janie said...

I do like it cos although its an oldie its a goody! Mind you wouldn't it have been great to use one of those really hot pics from the W mag shoot? and they're more current.