Wednesday, 29 August 2007

David Beckham Trains...But Will He Play?

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David Beckham contradicted the team's injury report from the day before and said, yes, he'll likely play in tonight's SuperLiga final against Pachuca.

Coach Frank Yallop spent time shrugging off questions at the press conference about an Internet report saying tonight's game could be his last. (prays)

Beckham is hoping to make it through today's game and Saturday's MLS game against Real Salt Lake. Then he'll be coming back to England for our crucial European Championship qualifiers against Israel on 8 September and Russia on 12 September. During which he's likely to miss two Galaxy games, but more importantly should he play he both games he will have 99 caps, one away from the big 100.

England are fourth in Group E with 14 points. Only the top two teams qualify for next summer's tournament. Come ON ENGERRRLAAAANNND.

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ashley said...

I hope Beckham has recovered fully from his injury- they will need him tonight. By the way, has anyone seen any of the videos featuring him and Reggie Bush?

Beckham is such a bad ass..

brit said...

yes i've seen that ashley hes so flipping gorgeous, he can do no wrong. i just hope he has recoverd, i really reckon he should take abit longer to heal, he seems to be trying to do so much at once, but if he is better then thats gr8.

SCOTT E said...

beckham hurt his knee tonight.....details coming soon

ashley said...

Beckham hurt his knee!?!?! I agree with you Brit he should take longer to heal!

By the way.. this video was just posted... thought you may enjoy it:

I'm glad someone shares my love for Beckham!