Friday, 17 August 2007

The Beckham's Sneak Inside 'High School Musical 2' Premiere

The Beckham's made a secret visit to watch made-for-TV movie High School Musical 2 when it had premiere at Disneyland California on Tuesday.

Victoria, David and their kids sneakily crept in the back way to be among the first to see film, while avoiding the film's massive celebrations taking place around the theme park.

See celebrities can have a private life, if they want to.



stephanie said...

I couldn't have said it better FC, except from when they go shopping and stuff, they can definately have a private life....i somehow think Posh likes the attention though

brit said...

victoira is doing her job, i think the only time she is in the public {apart from being papped} is when shes either doing a clothing range or music carreer. apart from that she proberly hasnt done a interveiw in years before jay leno show, so i dont think shes as publicity hungary as people make out. i doubt she calls up the paps to say where shes going because the litrally camp outside her house untill she goes out. She dosnt need to.

Cee said...

Ohh! how lucky =) that movie showed today, it's really cute. Awwww my cousin's at disneyland right now, was it this week's tuesday? or a couple of weeks ago?