Tuesday, 21 August 2007

On The Cover

Grazia Magazine

Scanned by me.


emma said...

I doubt this is really true. It'd be ridiculous for grown women to care so much about eachother's looks to where it becomes a competition. The Spice Girls don't need a 'leader' but if they did it should be the best singer, not the person who can attract the most media attention. However, saying that, without Victoria this tour would not be as popular or maybe even possible.

Fashion Critic said...

I agree somewhat, but don't forget it was egos that split them up in the first place.

Yes they are all older and wiser but there is also that competitive element that happens with most women whether is is consciously or sub-consciously

Janie said...

I agree but don't forget the tabloids love a bit of rivalry and make it up as they go along half the time. I bet Victoria and Geri just laugh at some of the effort put in to try and wind them up. I know I would. You can't take the media hype to seriously. Anyway publicity is publicity and the girls all stand to earn well out of it so good luck to em all and ignore the rubbishy bits!