Wednesday, 22 August 2007

It's Exhausting Being Fabulous.... Victoria Beckham took a break lounging poolside at the exclusive Bacara resort in Santa Barbara sans kids.

It looks like she is sending someone a message on Blackberry. It could be David, who has been writing a lot lately.

He has recently updated his blog again and he says:

After playing for an hour against D.C. United on Wednesday, it was brilliant to play the full ninety minutes against Red Bull New York, especially as it was my first full MLS game. On top of being given the honour of captain again, I managed to set up a few goals, which obviously, was a great feeling even though we were really unfortunate to concede a late goal and lose the game. The atmosphere at the Giants’ stadium was incredible, and there was a huge turnout for the match which really gave us all a fantastic buzz.

I’m not used to the harder ground out here, but being quite stubborn, I was determined to play the whole game and I’m glad that I did.

I’m still getting to know my team mates on the pitch and learning more about the way they play with every game, but I feel I’ve played a part over the past two fixtures and I’m really looking forward to future matches, starting with our derby against Chivas USA.

Whilst I was in New York, I also helped to support a soccer clinic at FC Harlem. The MLS has dedicated a field in Harlem for the team and Adidas are providing the team kit for the club too. It was a really positive event and I enjoyed working and playing with the children there.

I’m currently in the UK training with the England Squad before the friendly with Germany on Wednesday. It was great to be called up and to be part of the set up is always an honour. Hopefully, I’ll get to play a part against Germany and if I do I’ll let you know how it goes here!"

Speak to you soon.


Bless. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Hopefully he will telling us about a great goal he scored.

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emma said...

Wow, she looks so relaxed and comfortable! Good for her!

I hope David scores a goal too.

Cee said...

She looks a bit happy too, probably it was a message from david. JEEZ! i want a blackberry =[

brit said...

lol she does look happy, alright for some. daivd is a sweet heart, he's really getting in to this blog thing is'nt he lol. i didnt expect him to come bk so soon, hes such a hero for me, and a hard worker. im glad he's the role model he is for guys. Def somthing for men to strive to be, more beckhamness please!

Ann said...

Glad to hear you're doing well and enjoying your time!